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For more than 10 years, BusinessTech is a leading player in the development of e-commerce solutions allowing merchants, among other things, to use Google’s services to stand out in the e-commerce sphere.


Thanks to these years of experience and our work with the largest e-commerce agencies, we can now offer you a complete service to develop your visibility and sales on the world’s leading search engine.

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What is the “Buy on Google” program ?

The “Buy on Google” program allows you to sell your products directly on Google by offering your customers an extremely simple, fast and secure shopping experience.

With Merchant Center with Actions, you can:

Configure, step by step, a comprehensive and high quality product data feed to be sent to Google

Be supported by a team of experts and a rich documentation based on the latest Google regulations

Optimize the quality of your data thanks to a powerful diagnostic too

Export and schedule an automatic update of your products on Google Merchant Center

Display the products you have exported on all the channels of Google Shopping ads like: Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Images, YouTube, etc…

Sell these products on Google by joining the “Buy on Google” program

Manage the orders placed on Google directly from your shop, like any order placed on your site

How it works?

What are the benefits of selling on Google?

Less expensive solution than Amazon

  • Free presentation of the catalog for sale, without limit on the number of products
  • No subscription
  • Lower commission rates

Development of your visibility

  • A showcase of your products on the world’s most popular search engine
  • Accessibility of your products from a desktop, a smartphone or by voice with Google Assistant on all compatible devices
  • Highlighting of your site on Google’s product listings and in order tracking emails

Increase of your sales

  • Extremely simplified purchase through automatic connection and instant payment
  • Multiplication of sales channels for your products
  • Purchase decision encouraged by the guarantees provided by Google

Increase of your loyalty rate

  • Visibility of your products that increases with the frequency of purchase
  • Extremely simplified and secure buying journey
  • Participation in an innovative program in the e-commerce area

Take advantage of “Merchant Center with Actions” for only 29€/month with no obligation

 A license of the Google Merchant Center PRO module by BusinessTech is required to use the Merchant Center with Actions service. If you do not have it, you can order one here.


Version 1.6 et 1.7

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